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$360 Per Year
30 Day Free Trial
Includes all of below:
Branded Smartphone Website
Eligibility & Pricing Engine
Customizable Scenario Input
Customizable Output Rate Table
Closing Cost Calculator1
Qualification/DTI Calculator1
Secure Online Loan Application2
We'll Program Your
Eligibility Guidelines
LTV Matrix
LLPAs & Overlays
Regional Closing Costs
$500 Set Up Fee3
Virtual Loan Officer-Wholesale

Instant Anonymous Quote-Consumer

Smartphone App

E-Origination Website

1. Optional, can be omitted.
2. Use ours or point it to your own LOS app.
3. Higher fees will apply for more complex engines.

This ultimate point-of-sale tool provides instant live rates, and region-specific closing costs on all eligible programs, and auto-calculates all payments, tax, insurance, MI, DTIs, APR and allows you to pre-qualify on the spot. You can also complete a quick and simple application that can be uploaded to any LOS. Your Realtors and clients can search, compare, select, qualify and apply at any time and from anywhere. Adinta can easily be incorporate into your existing website. Use it as your private e-origination site; have your Realtors and clients search scenarios and get live pricing, run pre-qualification ratios, and apply online, from anywhere and at any time.

Adinta platforms are totally customizable. You define which investor pricing to be used for what program; set closing costs per region, transaction type, and property type; define eligibility guidelines; and much more. You can incorporate a full range of loan programs, such as Conforming, Agency High Balance, FHA, FHA High Balance, Jumbo, Super Jumbo, and LPMI programs. Administrative tools allow you to customize your platforms and implement investor overlays, alter LTV matrixes, adjust LLPAs and or develop your own niche programs.

For more system capabilities and customization option, please click the Set Up Guide.

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